Yoga & Aerial for Kids & Youth

These very popular classes fill up fast! Children enjoy a range of movement activities at Soul Space.  From about age 5, Michele caters classes to the age/interest of the children.  Each class starts with 20 minutes 'on the mat' doing fun, traditional floor-based yoga poses.  For the younger ones she makes it fun by adding sound effects and talking about animals and the natural world- giving children a wide-world perspective. They then get the hammocks down and work on various hanging, standing and lying poses, along with creative movement.

Children work through a certification programme & prepare for eventual demonstration of skills via show or video.


Aerial Fun & Meditation

Classes all have an aerial yoga aspect, but students also enjoy the Aerial Fun equipment - getting a chance to try some circus skill on an aerial hoop, trapeze or silks.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, each session finishes with a 5-10 minute guided mindfulness meditation session.  This teaches children how to calm themselves down, how to control their breath and how to take part in the creative visualisation process.  A practice they can continue through their week for a sense of calm & happiness!