Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle... Skin Care

Yoga & meditation have been two massive steps to improving my health, my overall well-being and my daily happiness. As I have gotten deeper into my yoga practice, I have looked at my diet, my daily routine and the way I treat myself inside and out.

But, I am NOT a vegan. I haven’t even been a vegetarian for many years- though I used to be. I grew up eating a lot of processed food— I mean, A LOT. We ate instant and quick food, packaged food and fast food for much of my youth. Also, a lot of sandwiches… I still love sandwiches, but now prefer fresh options with layers of flavours and ingredients. I am always attempting to learn more about food, and feel thankful that there is such great access to farm-fresh, free-range, organic and LOCAL food here in Ireland. At times I have given up sugar, meat, alcohol & dairy— but cannot give them all up! What I am looking for now is BALANCE. More water, less caffeine. More veggies, less breads & crackers.

It is a work in progress. I still love comfort foods like cookies, breads & cakes on a cold day, but I equally love fresh veggie juices and salads & sparkling water in the summer, fresh olives and activated nuts! After 32 years of drinking Diet Coke daily… I gave it up full stop in 2018, and haven’t looked back. Small steps, but significant.

Changes in life need to be do-able.

This year, I have been investigating my skincare & my supplements. Are they benefiting me? Can I see the difference between pricier products, natural products and supermarket stuff? I am 45-years-old… will I ever develop a regular skincare routine that works? Can I gain control over breakouts??

I have had a number of deep facials to get my skin to a good starting point- were they full of harmful chemicals?? They may have been…. some really stung and felt uncomfortable, but recently a family friend sent me samples of a more natural skincare brand, LimeLife by Alcone. Fingers-crossed, but it smells & feels fabulous… is full of natural ingredients & is now available in Ireland! After a month, my skin is feeling and looking good— not a break-out in site, no redness or burning, and it is cheaper than the products from the facialist! This routine is do-able, and feels luxurious, because the ingredients really are that!

LimeLife also offers body cremes, scrubs & hand creams that are heavenly. These products are free from harmful chemicals, they heal, hydrate and rebalance the skin rather than strip it bare.

It takes less than a minute for chemicals in your skincare to get into your bloodstream, so this stuff really does matter!

If you’d like a sample- I will have some in the studio soon. No pressure!

If you’d like to order or have a look at the products online- there is a link below. For transparency, I will tell you that I have become a independent beauty guide, so that I can get discounted products here in Ireland, and can share them with anyone who is interested. I will never attempt to SELL you anything, but if you are interested, let me know! This skincare will sell itself! Have a look:

086-854-0023 Contact Michele

086-854-0023 Contact Michele