Fun, at any age...

Monthly ‘Circus Class’ delves into doubles floor & hammock-based moves, along with trapeze & aerial hoop! 


The monthly class is plain fun! The group ranges in age from 17-55 years, and we all have our strengths 😂 and weaknesses! It is 2 hours of fitness challenges & belly laughs.  Our next session is this Sunday (Nov 11th) from 5-7pm, and costs a mere €20.  Booking REQUIRED.  086-854-0023

Season of Change

Autumn has always been a season of both excitement (as a child and adult it begets a new school year, new books, clothes, change of weather & routine after a long summer) and calm (settling in for the new ‘year’ beginning).  If you have kids, are a student, or a teacher like me... September is like January... a new year.   It is a fresh start... a new beginning.  A chance to shed bad habits & initiate new ones.  Autumn is a season of change & intent! 


 Try some ‘new ways’ this month!  Just see if new doors begin to open for you😊🙏🏻 

Try some ‘new ways’ this month!  Just see if new doors begin to open for you😊🙏🏻 

Let’s commit to our intent between now & our next break (Christmas/New Year hols).  What do you really want to change, to acheive, or to gain control of?  There are roughly 90 days left in the year, and 90 days is more than enough time to create real changes- in our health [maybe adding exercise, curbing sugar, fatty foods or drink...]  or in our well-being [time for meditation, journaling, meeting with friends, self-care].  

SET YOUR INTENTION! Pick one or two things & commit!! Don’t try to change everything!  Then start! A little bit every day... make autumn your season of change😊🌥🍂🕸🍁🌾☺️ 

Pushing into power

Last week I climbed Croagh Patrick...


It was the hottest day 🌞🔥 in over forty years, I was wearing cheap runners & not enough sun screen... and we didn’t bring much water😫 BUT we pushed through.  My husband, always the optimist, was positive every moment, laughing and making jokes to keep our 12-year-old focused. They both moved at a swift pace, without fear, while I was calculating risk, noticing dangers... anticipating the next fall or near-miss while staring at every rough rock making up the ground.  When I would look up, the height & breeze made my legs shake as we approached the summit⛰.  I was scared.  I felt powerless.  Powerlesness is the absolute WORST feeling for me. I hated it! 

At the same time, I knew I wasn’t going to quit.  I knew it was going to end AND that I would be happy afterwards, proud.  I wanted the memories with my family, I wanted the experience, even if it mostly sucked (which it kinda did).  I was disappointed at the top and even more terrified and sore coming down.  But then there was a cool stream to dunk my feet & legs in, we got to the bottom & found water again💧😊 ... we got cooled off in the car & ate lunch.  Then we laughed😂💪🏼 And felt good about what we had done.  We felt power-full & accomplished.  It was good.  

Sometimes... most times, we need to nudge ourselves into doing things.  Push ourselves into our power, even when it first makes us feel powerless.  That is where the growth happens.  It’s where we make memories & build our internal strength.  So, this week, get out of your comfort zone!!

Start yoga if you haven’t yet😊🧘🏼‍♀️ Beginners is Tuesday @8pm or push yourself harder and try POWER 💪🏼 Yoga Monday @8pm.... or try a 2-hour workshop this Friday in Beginner Aerial Circus🎪😅 So much fun... if you just push into it.  Enjoy the week. 



Growing gratitude

School is out.  My daughter has just finished college. The sun has been around for nearly two weeks.  Life is good.  It is easy to feel grateful right now🙏🏻🌞 



We need to remember to relish these moments and all the good memories, meals & times we enjoy, and take a moment to feel gratitude. In recognizing these moments, we grow our gratitude. In less enjoyable times, we can look back, but also find simpler things to be grateful for— the roof over our head, our bed, hot shower, etc...

Take a few minutes sometime this week to list 25 things you are grateful for. Tuck it away or stick it on the fridge... have it for a rainy day⚡️☔️🌤 

Grow that gratitude!  

It’s May!

Time is flying! A few busy weeks in a row, and a bank holiday weekend is upon us once again🎉☀️😀 That means family & community activities (Cycle Against Suicide coming thru town) , rest (hopefully)  and a very special meditation session on Sunday, May 6th.  We will be welcoming Ava Brogan to play the harp in studio for a sensational mindfulness meditation practice🧘🏼‍♀️💗🎼💕🧘🏻‍♂️.  Booking is required, as space is limited!  7pm Sunday - €10.  Text or call 086-854-0023🙏🏻 Have a safe & peaceful holiday weekend! 


108 Challenge!

Tomorrow (Monday 30th April) will be our 2nd challenge to complete 108 Sun Salutions!  There is a great group booked in😊🎉💪🏼 and we will take lots of breaks- you don’t have to be super-fit. Bring water and determination☺️ 8pm

Text Michele to book: 086-854-0023


Earn this sticker! Be a survivor😊💪🏼 


I am currently trying to find someone to play live music during a few yoga and/or meditation sessions this summer.  If you, or someone you know plays classical or Spanish guitar, or other classical music, plase be in touch!



March Madness!

The weather seems to have a mind of it’s own... another ten (or more) days of wind, rain and maybe even snow! 🤣😉😬😝 

Luckily, we’ve got another 3-day weekend🎉🇮🇪☘️ and Power Yoga! on (Bank holiday) Monday @8. 

Try to fit a stretch in over the weekend! Happy St. Patrick’s Day☘️😊🧡☘️


The snow has melted

We can finally come out of hibernation! The snow is melting, roads clear and schools open... so back to Yoga😊

Monday- Teen @6:30 and Power @8

Tuesday- Beginners @8

Wednesday- Beginners @6:30 and Aerial Fit @8

Text 086-854-0023 to save a spot!  


New class starting this month!

After lots of requests, Power Yoga will begin Monday, January 22nd @8pm.  This is a stronger yoga class with more time moving through postures and working up a sweat.  That said, it will still be suitable for beginners who are up for a challenge.  Text me on 086-854-0023 to save your spot!  €12 per session or €50/5 classes😊🧘🏼‍♀️



To inspire you to start; something for the new year:


Just sign on to facebook, like & share the post! Easy as that.  Thanks for your business in 2017! If you haven’t been— give us a try in the NEW YEAR. There’s no better time to start caring for yourself💞